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I am making my way through the daunting task of writing Earth’s greatest, and most perfect science fiction story.

I am humbled before this tale……NO story can possibly be any more fun for an audience…that’s simply a fact.


A quick note about the color of cars….

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About the color of cars:
I feel safest in white or yellow…red and black are very dangerous, though I love those colors…
A lot of things happen to red or black cars…it’s just a thing I have about car color.

Local Venture Capital Adventures…

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Recently, the “Rockies Venture Club” somehow caught my attention. In order to post on their “blog”, one must email “Nicole” for permission…she requested a sample of my “Blog” writing. I told her I thought the word “blog” is annoying, as she seemed fixated on the word “blog”. This was, of course, my mistake!…Anyway……I emailed my LinkedIn.com URL and my movie review page to her….both examples of my writing…. I rubbed Nicole the wrong way, and she emailed a “We’ll pass” back. The RVC hasn’t a clue what I’m up to with this story…how could they? How could ANYONE?…and they probably don’t deal with film related projects…but…I don’t know.

THEY’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY MISSED. One day, they WILL know. She said it appears I am NOT easy to work with…damn right…with a story like this….one you KNOW will be purchased by a big producer….it affects my behavior….oK….maybe I seem defensive due to my overly protective attitude….oOoWell….not a biggie….I think RVC is primarily concerned with traditional biz enterprises…and, there’s NO biz like Show biz. Personalities such as mine, I would suspect, are fairly common.

For me, everything I do on the Net is a “blog” (m51.com)….primarily my Facebook page….http://www.facebook.com/burton.lubitz



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Check out music from Phan.Aeon

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Learn how to get your music heard at ReverbNation.com

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